dealslife (narrated by david attenborough) blu-ray for…


I'm often told to get a life. I guess this is what they were talking about?


Anything could be better than Oprah narrating! Decent series but Oprah messed it up!


Found it for $5 cheaper through EBay, but thanks for posting this. I didn't realize there was a David Attenborough version until now, and had held off on buying the series because I didn't much care for Oprahs version.


This is an awesome video, very gorgeous. I put this on (muted), some winamp music, and put out some chips and salsa, when I have guests over to play Settlers of Catan.


David Attenborough is the truth.


@johnmarshall178: Is it coming from China? Lots of collections like these are bootleg copies. The outside packaging is the same but the inside is cheaply made. If that doesn't bother you, by all means, go ahead and buy. I just learned the hard way last Christmas when I bought my wife a collection off eBay from China. She was a little disappointed when the discs inside were in a cheap disc wallet.


@moparman1973: Not positive, but it seems legitimate. Either way, it doesn't matter to me.