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There are now alot of carriers that have $40 plans like this. This isn't a deal...

You can find plans for junk phones like this without data for $30 / month.


@dryboy: That phone runs over $40 at Walmart. So free phone, free SIM, and free shipping (all told probably around $50 off) is not a deal?


Nice deal, and I like ptel. A couple years ago, we switched our home phone over to their 'PayGo' plan -- locally, a landline costs $45 plus per month, and we needed something beyond my wife and I's cells. With Platinum Wireless, we shove minutes in once or twice a year when the TIME for them runs low. Our kids fight over the phone when we need to hand them it for 'in case you need to call' events. Our home # goes with us when we travel.... and I think it has cost us $90 in 2 years?

Now that my oldest is a teen, we'll seriously look at this $40. Decent features, data allowed, and cheaper than adding her to my AT&T plan.


@lizardbox: You save $50 on the phone, but at $40 / month you're paying $10 / month too much. So buy the phone for $50, sign up elsewhere for a $30 / month plan and you save $120 - $50 = $70 savings year 1, $120 savings year 2. < Better deal to me.