dealscraftsman work light with 60 led lights - for $16…


I got this light last year for Christmas. It is terrific. If you or someone you know works under the hood at all, pick one up. At this price it is a steal.


Hey Kmart...if I was able to purchase and pick up at Sears, I'd be in for some of these deals. I'm in the Sears' neighborhood far more than Kmart's. Not worth the special trip. Hope you're listening.


@jimfett: Agreed - the last remotely close-to-us Kmart just closed (deservedly so) and we are in a large Metro area.

Click over to the sister-Sears site shown at the top of the Kmart page & search for "work light".

You'll find a rechargeable (both 110vac & 12vdc car) work light for 50 cents more than this deal. Much more flexibility but that one is 35 lights vs this 60 light model. Owner's manual lists NiMh batteries, so no crappy NiCd's.