deals20% off sitewide


must....resist....more geeky tshirts.... CANT DO IT


I'm seeing coupon code SSSSLAINTE instead of the SSSSHAMROCK one indicated by the OP when I go to the site, both probably work. Code is good unitl Monday 3/18


looks like you have to add your information before you see how/if this


This sale is misleading unfortunately. I just got off the instant chat with THINKGEEK to confirm this. They regularly offer Free Shipping on orders over $75. However, with this sale if you spend $100, which would normally qualify for Free Shipping, and then you apply the 20% off code, the website adds the shipping charges back in.

I will show my work: 4 Doctor Who plush toys total $99.96 (and free shipping). 20% off would be $20. Once the code is applied (20% off after shipping is added on) the new total is $87.24. That is < 13% the total without using the coupon code. So if you spend less than $75, then you get 20% off. If you spend $76 or more, the discount is more in the 10-15% range. A sale is a sale. Just wanted fellow nerds to understand what they are getting.


20% almost brings their pricing to reasonable levels :O


Thanks. I spent about $28 on items, and the 20% off discount came out to be $7.10. That means they also took 20% off shipping as well (or 20% off my grand total of $35.52). So basically this coupon got me the equivalent of free shipping (almost).


I used the SSSLAINTE code and a gift certificate code to knock my order total from $41 to $22. I'm glad I kept it and I'm glad they factored in the shipping for my order total before deducting the 20% (made the total less than I guesstimated which made it easier to hit the confirm button! :D)


I wish Amazon would buy ThinkGeek so I could get free shipping on all my orders over $20 and combine the one-off ThinkGeek purchases with the other stuff I'm already buying on Amazon all the time, instead of having to try to find $75 worth of stuff on ThinkGeek just to get free shipping.