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I wouldn't inflict Mcafee on someone I disliked let alone recommend it for someone at Woot.


Why does anyone pay for anti-virus programs anymore. get security essentials if you're on windows7 or earlier, or AVG. If you're on windows8 you don't need anything as it's built into the OS itself, and it's actually one of the most secure systems out there right now.


sell me on this - why pay for antivirus when you can get it for free?


@mattlohkamp: No reason to. I've worked help desk type jobs for about 5 years and there is no reason to. All of the software we use to clean infected computers is free. SpyBot, malwarebytes and microsoft security essentials are pretty much all you need to keep a windows computer clean


McAfee virus scan is about as effective and efficient as the Belize authorities


McAffee supported SOPA and PIPA.


Raising a little bail money I presume.


1st he is not part of McAffee anymore he sold his interest in the company years ago. Also agree many free antivirus and malware products available but if you must buy, it's free after rebate at Frys McAfee Total Protection 2013- 1 PC


M$ Security Essentials has been the most effective, lowest impact AV I've used. I've put it on hundreds of machines (ever since AVG got bloated and slow) and it's done as well as any paid options on my test infections, better than some. The advantage (besides being free) is the lower resource consumption, and the lower rate of false positive quarantines. Your regular computer use will be faster and less frustrating with something like MSSE -- you will ABSOLUTELY regret buying McAfee.


No hablo espanol, tambien quiero a mi abogado.


Always AVG when talk of free antivirus comes up...

No Avast love here. :(