deals0.75" diameter color-changing mood ring for $0.99…


I was pretty sure that this was free shipping with no minimum. I'll re-check.

Update: Yep. Free shipping with no minimum. Woot won't let me re-activate this so I'll post the deal again.


Hummm ... I just ordered 3 of them (don't ask my why) for .99 cents each, with free ground shipping.
Received confirmation via email with correct price. Total order: $2.97 shipped.


They definitely changed the deal. It was originally .99 with free shipping without the min. $10 purchase fee. I'll expire this one.


Oh, and the ring on the Hulk turns green when angry.


green2red: I know many stores which sell them for less than $0.99. Just look around a bit away from the Internet. The small business where I work sells identical rings for roughly $0.60 each.


So....There will be no more reason to procreate half human/half batazoids??
They just slap on a ring and the color will reveal your intentions?


In order to qualify you must:
Add $10.00 of eligible items to your order to qualify for Free Ground Shipping.

So it won't be just a .99c purchase but hey, how often do you find a mood ring for .99c?