dealssony playstation 3d display bundle for $199.99


The coolest thing about this is the SimulView.. It's kind of hard to put on a bullet-point because it's not something that's all that common lol

For people that haven't heard of it: It lets you and a friend play while viewing two completely different things on this one TV. So you can play "split screen" against eachother using 1 TV and both getting the whole screen.
(It's in the description, but it's worth pointing out again :D - I was pretty impressed when I first heard about it)
It uses the 3D technology though, so you can't have 3D turned on while using it and you both need glasses.


I do not know if there is still the issue however the models sold in the first 6 months had an incredibly high failure article I read stated it was somewhere around 80% quickly developed major issues. What was more unsettling was it was many different issues not the same problem repeating which would be tied to 1 substandard part. I would look into if the issues have been solved before purchasing it. It's a shame because I love my current Sony TV and would think this would be ideal for places like kids bedrooms.


I can't say it enough. Be careful of these . They still fail constantly. Yes, they are pretty to look at, it was easily the best looking screen I've ever owned, but it failed in the first 2 weeks. It wasn't worth the hassle .


It's been this price for about the past 2 weeks, not a new sale. Good price, though, if you can get past the incredibly high failure rate and get one that doesn't break down.


I picked this up last week for my Xbox as well as a second PC monitor. It works great so far! The only thing that annoyed me is that it does not come with a remote. I've never seen a new tv that didn't include this...


I got one from best buy for the same price and I love it, makes a great monitor (Using it right now actually). I got the 4 year warranty since I read about about the high failure rating but I've had my for a few weeks with no problems yet.