dealsfor the war ~ blue face paint for $2.17


Oh, my dear. Such a brave one you are. I'm not going to use the paint, thanks. Blue's not my color.


Oh, I can wear the hell out of blue, the bolder the better.


Ok, what's the issue? I've gone back over 24 hours on the popular page and I can't seem to see where this landed on the popular page.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you" ;)


@lavikinga: You should see the screen shots I saved. Over on Woot, where they show the five most recent Popular items as thumbnails, it was there, third on the list. Over on Deals, it was a smut deal (sorry, but I hate that site, and am apparently unable to say the name), instead. Everything else was exactly the same. I'll mail them to you, if you like, but it's just all getting to be too surreal.

Now I'm off over to the other Catbert deal, where I'd apparently been less than careful with my words. How surprising of me!