dealsproject weather - free weather science kit


Yay! Something for us homeschoolers!


We've just learned that yesterday information was posted on several home school freebie websites all over the country about our Bay News 9 Project Weather Science Kits. Unfortunately no one contacted us before posting the information. These kits are intended for our Bay News 9 seven county viewing area in Florida. We don't have the resources to supply them out of state nor do the materials apply to out of state areas. We're sorry for the confusion.
Debby Clues
Community Relations Manager
Bay News 9


@baynews: lol watch, now Deals.Woot is going to be on the news.

@dmaz you're going to have to watch for stories about this heh


@baynews: awwww...I understand but sad :-(


@drchops: Hahaha, eeeesheee, gonna be doing a little more research in the future before just cranking out a new deal :)