deals30 day free trial to blockbuster total access…


@tsfisch: Ok, I am one of the few who upvoted for My logic is the following, even if it is a standard promotion being offered by Blockbuster, I didn't know about it and so don't mind finding it on WOOT.



@tomrdcinc: Blockbuster total access and Blockbuster stores ARE the same company. You are perhaps thinking of the Blockbuster Express kiosks, which are NOT part of the same company -- they licensed off the use of the "Blockbuster" brand name to a third party for those.


I have the in-store exchange unlimited plan with them, there was one walking distance from my house, but then I moved and then it closed, now the one I go to is about 3 miles away. They are all very nice and helpful there and I can bring in as many mail envelopes as I get and get a new release, which by the way netflix and redbox do not have. But, yes, this is always the deal making it not a deal.


Do NOT go with blockbuster for games. I made the mistake of trying it out a couple months ago only to find out that they have a self-imposed 100 day wait before new games are available. That means that by the time blockbuster has a game available for rent it is already 3 months old. In the gaming world that is ancient. If you sell a game that is 3 months old you will be lucky to get $10 for it.
When I called customer service to find out why they said it was so that they could 'build up supply'. They don't do this with movies and furthermore gamefly seems to have no problem with supply.

I had the subscription for literally less than 15 minutes. I didn't even want the free trial because I wouldn't be able to get anything but old games.


Blockbuster lost my business years ago with terrible customer service.


I must also be one of the few people who gets to enjoy having an actual Blockbuster store in town (one mile away from my house). I go there several times a week and really enjoy interacting with actual people and discussing films. The employees seem to like their jobs and are friendly (they know me by name and ask my opinion on movies I'm returning.


There are a few movies I dont mind skipping the wait time for ... So I signed up ... what a cluggy website ... Holy crap most titles dont even have a summary of what they are about unless you click on it


I feel like Blockbuster has always been out to screw their customers, with one ridiculous fee after another, that was their whole business model. This is why it was so easy for Netflix to obliterate them, and for Redbox put the last nail in their coffin. They have not had a fresh idea since the 80's and copied the services offered by Netflix and Redbox to hope and stay alive. I say "no thanks".


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i quit blockbuster when they took their apps off of vizio tvs. and their store is closing so no exchanges. Horrible company


Blockbuster is now own by Dish Network so you can expect HORRIBLE customer service and guaranteed mistreatment of their employees.


I cancelled my Netflix account awhile ago and tried Blockbuster Online. Im really happy with the service and have had it for a couple years now. I am on the 3 disk package. Blu-Rays are not an additional cost like the other guys. Blockbuster selection is far bigger than Netflix, just look up a animated Disney movie on Netflix and you will see what I am talking about. And renting Video games is a nice option. Trade in at stores is really nice. But you can only trade one time per mailed disk, oh and it REQUIRES you to have the mail in envelope to trade in store.

I don't know why people rag on Blockbuster. Yea they a few bad years but they got bought out by Dish Network.


I remember checking this service out online a few months ago to see how their selection compared to Netflix. I was surprised by just how many movies they had...that I had NEVER heard of. It's like they signed a deal to own ALL the direct to dvd movies that never should have existed.


I used the Blockbuster service for years and it was great. In its prime, Blockbuster was much better than Netflix. But Blockbuster is past its prime and this service is now dreadful. I would have continued to subscribe just for the convenience if they could have simply maintained mediocre service. It seemed like every other month BB removed a perk and now I'm subscription free. RIP Blockbuster.


@harmony46: It does matter, since part of the "benefit" of doing this over Netflix was that you could also get movies in-store.


This is not the same company as the Blockbuster stores..........not that it matters


Am I the only one that saw that it says "free shipping"? I assume you don't have to have one near you.


@tsfisch: I know the feeling. All the stores in our area are gone. We had a Blockbuster Express kiosk at a nearby grocery store, but the store that had it put up a sign saying they were getting rid of it. Nobody wants Blockbuster it seems.


All together now: "It's not a deal if it's the standard offer..."

All the Blockbusters around here closed anyway. Used to have 4 within about 5 miles.


Am i the only person left on this green earth with a Blockbuster still in walking distance? They're actually pretty decent, too.... if i had time to watch movies any more. ;__;

My Blockbuster is clearly the last Highlander.


"Did Rocky stay down? Did Rambo give up? HELL, NO"

Woot, you're hilarious. Let the downvotes begin!


I live in a major urban area. The nearest Blockbuster which could use this membership is 7 miles away. So in store exchange is kinda a joke now.

That said, they are reasonably good about cancelling memberships - if you've got kids home for the summer, jump on this to feed their game machines. Make a weekly trip to swap out games, and you'll likely never see your kids otherwise for the entire summer!


Is the great Blockbuster down vote of 2011 going to repeat itself?