dealssticky pad roadster smartphone holder for $8.99…


They have $4.99 flat-rate shipping. So buy some of their other stuff and combine all the free shipping you want! I got some spiffy bike lights.


If this works (that it sticks), it's really a smart design.

Except...if you want to charge your phone and the charging socket is on the side. Otherwise, smart, really nice.


@lll0228 Just turn your phone over eh?


What makes this a winner for me is that the side facing out won't get all nasty like the ones that are just sticky on both sides. I'm in for a few for xmas presents... although I'm not convinced that my new iPhone (almost here) will replace my TomTom... if I can this will be a winner for me too, if not well it will be a winner for others who get it as a gift ;o)

Good deal.woot


Sweet. I had this on my Amazon Wish List, but couldn't bring myself to buy it because of the price.


BTY if you spend more than $50 use coupon 26EFFS0911 shipping will be free and RandonBuy, your shopping cart layout is bad... you shouldn't put the quantity box next to the delete box. I've updated the quantity and hit that button thinking it is update and whamoo back the the home screen to load back in my cart... lol just something to consider.


You still would have to touch your phone every so often to keep the screen on. dislike. plus might be hard to read from a distance.


@drdong: Don't mount it on the hood of your car... keep it in arms reach like say that area called the dashboard ;o)


I don't want to look at the map from arms reach!


@drdong: Some aps.. like GPS aps have a feature that keeps your phone screen lit up.

Other aps have settings to allow for that... And I believe that you can change the phones general settings to do that as well.


does anyone know if the slot to hold it upright works with any phone other than IPhone such as Samsung Galaxy S (or S 2)?


I just answered my own question by clicking on it...

"Patent-pending V-slot design holds all top-selling smartphones and PDA devices upright on car dashboard for easy viewing and hands-free navigation"


@drdong: Keep your phone plugged in with a charger. Problem solved. This isnt some grand mysterious problem never addressed.


Wow, this beats the popsicle-sticks-and-duct-tape car dock I've been using for the past year.


it doesn't look like this will work well with an otterbox'd phone...


is anyone else thinking "Battleship?"


For those who prefer to learn by voice:

It's hard to take this product seriously when she can't keep a straight face. Doesn't mean I'm not going to buy 3 of them.


@drdong: Another solution for screen auto-turn-off on Android is "screebl" which keeps the phone on if not placed down -- by detecting the angle. And turns it off more quickly when put down flat to save battery. Works for me.


I got one and one of those cheap bike light thingies. Yeah, hopefully just enough to be visible.


i just ordered one, pretty excited to see if it stays put when I make a turn


coupon code for free shipping not working :\

edit: it works, just shows the discount at the very end, my bad.


@katanaryda: It confused me too. It would have been helpful if that was included in the original post.


Nice, unless your screen is wider than the iPhone 4 screen as shown. If your screen is wider, some of the display will be obscured by the holder. I was about to get this for my Galaxy WiFi that I picked up here on Woot a few weeks ago until I realized that.


@xterraguy: thats what i was thinking
my inspire has like an extra .5" on the iphone, shame


this site name summarizes my woot and general internet shopping.



Well I have a Samsung Galaxy WiFi and I bought it for when I watch NetFlix at work. That way I don't have to try and hold it while I eat my lunch. I ordered one of those little plunger stands from Meritline, which I haven't received yet, but I figure this would be more secure.


Looks like I got screwed using PayPal for this. No place to put in the " WOOTFREESHIP " code. I've left them a message, but expect that my PayPal has already been debited the extra amount.



I used PayPal. You enter the code in box on the page right after you selected the item. I missed it the first time and backed out of PayPal when I saw I wasn't getting the discount. The box is near the bottom of the page, so you have to scroll down to see it.