dealsscratch programming language from mit for $0.00…


Not exactly a deal as this is always free. On the other hand, it's an awesome environment for new (or not-so-new) programmers! You can get a basic animation or game running in a matter of minutes, you can edit the code while the program is running and see the results immediately. Highly recommended if you have kids interested in elementary programming.


This sounds cool. I keep meaning to take a programming class but not fond of classes.


@lonelypond: Go to iTunes U (or alternately Harvard open course ware) and select CS50 from Harvard University. CS50 is an Introduction to Computer Science. The "class" contains all the in class materials except the book and the lectures are video recorded. The professor teaches across several programming languages (beginning with Scratch). There is no college credit, but you can watch and learn at your own pace. The professor who teaches the course makes it fun and interesting so it could be worth you time to check out the first few lectures to see if you like it.


@thetexastwister: Thank you for the heads up on the class info. Hopefully one day theyll start giving these great free classes some college credit.


@daylo: It would be great if they did but even public/state colleges are a BUSINESS first. They are in it for the money, meaning your tuition and fees and professors winning grant money. There's no money in giving credit for free classes. Besides, they'd have to pay someone to grade your work. But enjoy ... I've taken some grad classes on the MIT open and Harvard open sites.