dealsthe flex belt - get stronger, toned abs for $99.99


+ shipping and handling
+ two additional payments of 49.99

Pretty expensive for electrocuting yourself... Perhaps for a more enjoyable DIY solution you could buy a 1000 watt subwoofer amp and hook the output to wires that you embed into your abdomen. Then you can rock out to the body spasming bass of your favorite song and get ripped at the same time.


Come on is this even a deal? Do I save a $100 if I call within ten minutes? Do a get a free set of Ginsu knives with purchase? Where's my 100% risk free trial? Will they throw in a Sham-wow if I buy 2?

Looks like spam to me.


will this help me put down the twinkies?

ok seriously, actual price is $199.97 not including s&h. tattling......