dealswestinghouse 32" class led 720p 60hz hdtv…


No link showed up for this one...

But in case it does - Westinghouse is a great brand. They're a bit of an underdog right now, so they're a lot cheaper than the big names, but I've had a monitor and recently bought one of their TVs and I love it/them. monitor lasted 5 years and when it broke, I talked to a person on the phone and they replaced it.

Only thing I don't like about this TV, assuming it's the same as my 40in model is the receiver for the remote on the unit is really small - you have to point the remote right at the lower left-hand corner.


Be cautious buying a tv from Westinghouse. I have bought two tv's from them and each one of them have gone out in just over a year. They wouldn't fix it b/c it was out of warranty (which I understand). I expect them to last longer then a year, no matter how cheap the tv is. If you purchase just make sure you purchase an extended warranty.


There are actually ONLY 3 or 4 big screen tv makers. There are 20-30 names that go on those 3 or 4 manufacturer's tv's....They all don't make their OWN tv's folks... :)