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Looks like a good buy except it's from dailySTEALS. I will never buy from this site again,worst I've ever delt with.


Hours of frustration for the parent. Minutes of fun for the kids! These things are huge. The double-sided tape used to stick on the parts is junk.
I was able to get ours together for one evening so the kids could play with it. I left of all the fins except the necessary driving tail fin because the other fins fall right off after the kids inevitably ram it into the wall. This will alter the weight of the fish and it will quickly fly up to the ceiling. Kind of funny the first time it happens.
Save yourselves the frustration and skip this one.


Great for sneaking up on cats, that are absorbed in what's in the fish tank.


Got 2 last year, one for our house, one for my sisters kids. Spent $25 for a tank of Helium. Inflated the balloon, spent half an hour assembling everything only to find that the motor didn't work.

It ended up a complete waste of $75 - I don't think my sisters family even bothered trying theirs.

One thing of note - the inflated balloon was still floating (though pretty limp) in our sun room 3 months later! That was the only impressive part of this whole deal.