dealsstar wars remote control lightsaber room light…


This is.... pretty awesome. I might just have to get one or two or three...

xyo xyo

But WAIT! There's more... if you buy a couple other Star Wars items (like the matching sheets and lamp) you could get this:
FREE Star Wars Darth Maul USB Flash Drive with purchase!

fine print
FREE Star Wars Darth Maul USB Flash Drive (14.99 value) with ANY total Star Wars purchase of $35 or more!


If I buy this, my journey to the darkside will be complete.



Really, complete after this one last purchase? So, what you're telling us that you're one light fixture away from becoming the next dark overlord of the universe.

Annoyingly enough, Toys R Us even has pretty fast shipping. By my count we have about two days left of freedom, people! Why does my shirt collar suddenly feel constr


@causefx: I'm guessing they are different sizes:

$13.99 light : Product Weight:1.1 pounds

Product Dimensions(in inches)18.0 x 11.0 x 2.4

$15.39 light: Product Weight:0.9 pounds

Product Dimensions(in inches)26.9 x 20.3 x 8.7

Also these run on 5AAA batteries, it would be better if they ran off of AC :/


@mortar235: Thanks for pointing that out. I was hoping they ran off AC (plug into the nearest outlet). As awesome as this is I think I'll pass. I'd pay more in batteries to keep this thing going in the baby's room than I'd pay on the light itself!


@mortar235: I believe they run on 3 batteries, and 2 for the remote.
It's a kid-thing, they don't want cords hanging down the wall for little kids to play with. Also makes it look a lot nicer with no cord dangling.


I lucked out and received one for xmas last year. Love it! The sound fx triggers when it is turned on, off, or when the blade changes colour. Not super bright but more than enough to see a small area. I do not keep mine on and am still running on the first set of batteries.