dealsall keep calm t-shirts for $7.99 + free shipping


Beware of their shipping if you didnt know. It is apparently really slow. Ordered my shirt September 27th, and it still isnt here. Not supposed to be here for another 2-3 days.

Also, I dont understand where this Keep Calm craze came from.


@teenracer6: it's been effed out. according to economic crisis brought it back into popularity. also Antiques Roadshow


They need the "Keep Calm and Carry a Towel" one


@silentlegend: I would've purchased a "Keep Calm & Don't Blink."


@teenracer6: same, bought mine at the same time and this woot actually prompted me to go check up on it. The USPS tracking code still says "Electronic Shipping Info Received" which is code for "they haven't shipped it yet".

Of course, they already have had the time to blast me 6 or 7 spam 'newsletters' before i got around to unsubscribing...


@teenracer6: Where it came from? The British Ministry of Information at the start of the Second World War (which wasn't 1941).


Came here for "Carry On My Wayward Son," left disappointed. :o(