dealsuso $15 toward a care package or other efforts…


Sometimes I hat adding these deals as the freakin' links never work. I have tattled to get the correct link. This is a national offering and if you look at more cities you should see it listed.


Thanks for posting this. Since I had the Anderson Cooper bucks, I was able to get two (one and one as a gift) for only $20. Anything to help out the troops.


Top link goes to New Orleans and a canvas wrap deal.

Bottom link works, though. Thanks.


As a former member of the armed services, I have to say I appreciated the many services provided by the USO.


Any idea what size the flag is? I can't find it anywhere in the description (on the website)


@tossthedice: Is that really going to make up your mind on whether to donate or not?

During my 6 years active, I found myself stranded in airports all around the world. Airports with a USO inside were a god send. Most of them would store my seabag in the back and allow me to sleep on their couch for a few hours and give me a wake-up call so I didn't miss my next attempt at a flight out. Most have free food or snacks too.


@tossthedice: I want to say mine was a 3x5 when I did this last year.


@firebirdude: Already in for one, depending on the size I'm considering doing more, my church likes to fly flags all over the property on every patriotic holiday, thought these might be put to good use there


Awesome opportunity to donate to a great cause. Definitely in for 1 and sharing with my friends!


@tossthedice: :thumbsup: Sounds good and thank you. :-)


This is so much better than buying one of those $5 Chinese made American Flags that other people post.

Make a difference, put your money to work for a good cause!


I love this deal! In for one!


In for one and posted on FB to share with my friends. This is a pretty cool deal, thanks for posting it!


Got one, link worked I think. Here's my link if you live in Houston, Thanks.