dealsbuy two pre-owned games, get a third free


Games may be buy 2 get 1, but they are quite overpriced.


@5stardealdailydeals: Yeah, many of these would be less than $5 more new.


This is only a deal if you are looking for really cheap, relatively unpopular games, otherwise you're just paying retail for 2 used games and getting a 3rd one, which evens out to paying what you would normally pay for 3 or 4 used games anyways.


I don't have any interest in the used game market, but killing time at Best Buy this weekend and I was impressed by what they do. The used games are sealed and wrapped and the sticker is on the wrapping, not directly on the case. They look like brand new games.

This is a breath of fresh air above the ghetto Gamestop tradition of shoving a scratched and stickered and sun damaged case at you, so I'm sure BB charges a premium for their used games.


@wootbretz: Amazon's used games are also similar. Great quality. Almost new. NOTE that I am referring to the Amazon warehouse seller and not 3rd party sellers.


No thanks. If I want older games, I'll just buy them on Steam for $5 when they inevitably go on sale.

It's cheaper, there's no scratched DVDs, no DRM (aside from my steam logon), no hassle and the money actually goes to the game devs.


Don't forget to check your local Blockbuster. I was in there to buy Skyrim the other day and they had a deal running where if you buy any $14.99 used game you get two more free. Since I just bought my console this was a great way to score some variety for cheap.

I should mention though that since getting Skyrim I have played nothing else so maybe it wasn't such a good deal after all.

Also note that they were selling Skyrim used for $5 less than Gamestop. Other newer used games are probably similarly priced.


They had b2g2 free on used games a couple weeks ago pickings were slim then I'd imagine even worse now. I think the gears 3 coupon is still active though, so $39.99 for used buy their magazine for $5 use the $20 off used gears 3 coupon and get it for $25.I passed on it though by the time I would get to it it will be cheaper from gamefly or somewhere else.


@alexanderjd: Steam FTW.

@wootbretz: They may have them all nice and sealed up, but that doesn't excuse the fact of half of their staff doesn't know crap about many titles. I will prefer Gamestop for the fact of I can actually talk about a game with an employee and they know what I'm talking about (well for the most part, holiday help doesn't know much).


the gamestop in my area is offering the same thing :-) best time to buy some games! :-)

btw, i think it is used games only though...which i also like to buy


i ordered om the buy 2 get 2 deal more than 2 weeks ago. still waiting for one of the games to come in. Best buy was ready to cancel my first 2 games because i hadnt picked them up.


Forget paying retail, I just hang out at Gamestop for a few minutes and wait for some kid to come trade his games in. I've bought all my used games this way, usually offer double what Gamestop does and the management could care less!

Bought Skyrim for $35, Rage for $15, and a ton more.


@domainloco: I guess those savings will come in handy when you are arrested due to a child solicitation misunderstanding. :)


@5stardealdailydeals: The last thing I want to do is talk to a Gamestop employee, let alone be stuck in a Gamestop.


This deal seems to be dead now; likely was just for last week.