dealsdespicable me (three-disc blu-ray/dvd combo…


This is a good deal. Ordered it just last week at $23. Also much cheaper than you can get at NBCUniversal Store with employee discounts


Good deal, good movie. It's got a 81% at rotten tomatoes.


Great Deal! wants $14.75 and they usually beat Amazon...


Really great deal. This has been sitting in my amazon cart forever at >$20 waiting for a price drop. Now to decide whether to find more stuff to buy or to re-up my Prime subscription...


Fantastic movie. My kid love it, and it's not annoying to watch over and over.


Awesome deal, especially with the $4 Amazon Video credit you also get!


Very tempting, too bad the 3d combo pack isn't discounted accordingly!


This is a GREAT movie*

*clears throat

For the Kids....yeah, um the kids I watched it with...I mean I was baby sitting and...Yeah Its a Great movie! Highly Recommended!


Awesome deal on a great movie. I ended up with the $4 credit too.


I'm not too proud to admit it, but this movie actually has the power to choke me up a bit. I'm not talking full fledged crying, but there are definitely tears in my eyes when I watch it..... with the kids........ the kids that I help @unoriginal26 babysit.......................