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Nice! It's great That Daily Deal is doing so much to help the homeless. You can add more socks, hats, etc., like they did before, too. Thanks for posting this.


Why a hooded sweatshirt rather than a regular sweatshirt? Anybody give that any thought?

vote-for5vote-against keeps your head warm when it's cold outside?


Still available, the socks and other items are limited I was only able to purchase 5 of the hats, socks, and blankets, but there seems to be plenty of the sweatshirts left. It's great that a business is doing this, thanks That Daily Deal for helping out.


@casey00001: I don't know why them having hoods is a problem. In fact, I'd say it's a big plus. Anything which can provide warmth and protection from the weather is a good thing.


@peaceetc: Missing the point could be used in crime or by the criminal element. A non hooded sweatshirt and a hat will do just as well. Why foster crime?


@casey00001: They're children's sweatshirts. I'm much more interested in them being warm than the very slim possibility of them being used in the manner you described. The vast majority of people who wear hooded sweatshirts are law abiding citizens. Yes, that includes the homeless.

Wearing a hooded sweatshirt is not a crime.


Fantastic! Thanks for that. I ordered two of all of them, but the cart did wonky things. It only allowed me to choose one of the socks, but two of everything else, but at the end it asked if I wanted to add anything, I chose socks and it added another like I wanted in the first place.
Great program.