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Another great Bach Guild release at an untouchable value. $1 for this many hours of well-performed, well-recorded classical?! There is no reason not to buy this.

Haydn is not the most popular composer these days, but if you like Mozart you'll like him too. Light, engaging and at times even funny -- Haydn is known for actively "joking" in his compositions, such as lulling the audience into a light passage then inserting an inexplicably thunderous note to catch the audience off guard. Hell, in one symphony, he has the whole symphony play a cacophonous note and then pretend to retune their instruments.

And as I have said in all of these Bach Guild deal comments, if you are one of those people who think they do not like, understand, or have the patience for classical, you really ought to give it a fair shake. Don't go into it thinking it is a puzzle with a right answer, don't judge yourself as not smart enough. Just listen and be surprised at where it takes you. You won't go back.