deals$25 off 5 vacuum bag or roll items + extra % off


How do you get the extra % off? Mine comes to like $7 a roll.


The following is what I ordered, where you can see the extra % off above the Price button. It may not be offered for all of the bags and rolls. Sorry about that.

FoodSaver® 11” Portion Pouch Roll
Model: FSFSBF2616-000


Interesting. When I clicked in the box and added 5 rolls, it did not give me the extra % off. When I clicked on it and added 5 bags in the roll specific page, I got the extra % off. Thanks for the tip.


These rolls are a bunch for overpriced plastic. I buy 3 rolls of the 50 foot generic rolls on ebay that butchers and the food service industry uses, for a 1/4 of the price of just one box of the foodsaver brand.


I can't even explain how much I dislike this company.. horrible customer service too.

The deal seems good though.. normally I'd say Amazon 100% though - it'd still be worth checking out though if you haven't. They have lower quality bags too, so make sure you know what you're buying.


There is a current promotion if you add 5 of these in cart, you get $25 off in cart w/ free ship. If you add at least 3 of the portion control, you will get 3 free as a bonus. Use code HOLIDAY2C at checkout to get a free Expandable Heat Seal Roll as well. It does allow for some mix/match.

I got:
6 x 11'' portion control
1 x 11" std. roll
1 x 8" std roll
1 x expandable heat seal roll

All for $34.95 with free shipping