dealsteam 32gb usb 3.0 usb flash drive for $17.84…


FWIW, Newegg shipped me a couple Team 4GB USB2.0 turn flash drives free of charge last Easter with an order of mine. They've both been working perfectly ever since.


I couldn't find a way to redeem the code. During checkout it also asked for a security code to go along with it.


USB 3.0 is worthless unless you have a higher class of memory. Flash drives aren't slow because of USB 2.0, they are slow because they are made with cheap memory. This drive is still going to transfer data a ~20 mB/s


@tselliott: You're looking at the gift card/Google offer codes if it wants a security code. Right below that it asks for your email to enter a promo code... enter your email and then the promo code box will show up (and the discount worked for me, fyi ... grand total was $17.84 with free Eggsaver shipping).