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If I didn't already have the first three of the series and the movie, this would be awesome!
Yo Joe!


I recently got back into watching this show. They are showing it on "The Hub". Last week's episode was titled "Cobrathon": Cobra holds a telethon to raise money from criminals around the world so that they can fund a plan to launch a computer virus into the FBI mainframes, which would erase all incriminating data and evidence. The virus is housed on a human sized 3.5 floppy disc. Destro is forced to wear a tuxedo for his stand up comedy act but he hates his hackneyed lines. He gets frustrated, removes a concealed laser gun, and shoots red laser beams at the cue cards until they explode. GI Joe discovers the broadcast, tracks it to Las Vegas, and rescused the two Joes who were about to be murdered by a giant roulette wheel. The GI Joes are also able to locate the virus disc, which Cobra had hidden in the ancient pueblo village now referred to as Sky City. They reroute the virus to go back into Cobra's own mainframe system using a modem the size of bedroom.