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Could you use this to watch 3D content on a non-3D capable TV? It seems to me that with electronic LCD shutter glasses and full frame rate, the TV would not need 3D features. I would just display alternate frames and the glasses would do the rest.


I too was wondering that from the title but taking it literally "3D DVD players? Cool. 3D regular TV? Not cool. " I'd say NO.
Too bad, I have several 3D discs and a nice HDTV but it's not advertised as 3D so I guess I'm out of luck :(


@craigshaw: Technically, yes, but no manufacturer is trying to do so with a 60 hertz television that I know of. 3D could be very easily implemented on regular 60 Hz televisions for 30 fps material (Television shows, etc.). But movies are 24 fps, so 3D movies would look a little funky if you forced it to display at 60 hertz. You usually need at least 120 hertz for 3D movie material, or the ability to lower how fast the screen refreshes. Really, 48 Hz is optimal to play the original 3D movie material, but most manufacturers like all of the extra hertz so that they can smooth out the motion by adding in extra frames.

The feature a TV really need for the active shutter 3D glasses to work is the ability to synchronize the refresh rate of the screen with the blinking of the active shutter glasses. There is often add-on devices for low-end "3D capable" projectors that serve this function.