dealsargyle schoolgirl costume for $24.99 + freeā€¦


I bought this one a while back for my wife. Can't recommend it enough. Very cute, and very sexy!


Only XL left. That just won't do...that is, unless my fiancée wants me to wear it. Hmmm....


Where's the Naughty Nun Habit?


@ohcheri: Naughty nun, nasty habit! That's to funny; lol. =D


my mantits would look GREAT in this!


ocherri, you make a killing selling sexy stuff - I have no problem with that. If I were younger I'd buy some for the wife and I. But why do you have to keep pushing your child porn here. Dressing an adult as a child and lusting after her/him is wrong.


@wootfertexas: Two things:
1) You are never too old to let your wife know she's sexy.
2) Child porn? Seriously? Has it ever occurred to you that a couple might want to relive the says when they were both young, including the school uniform, cheerleader outfit, etc? Child porn is pictures of children, and is a crime. This is not and has never been child porn.