dealstide pods 80 count for $18.50 + free shipping


And the Costco pods beat the pants off of the Tide pods in a head-to-head.


@bigray57: Really? Good quality? Do you know off-hand how much they cost? Might have my folks pick some up for me.

EDIT: Just found this article. Definitely want to give them a try.

Yes, pods cost more, but when you have to shlep your laundry to a Laundromat, they are a real sanity saver.

I've used several brands and I like the Tide ones.


You CAN'T get the $16.50 price unless you subscribe to 5 different products. Your post is deceiving, to say the least.


Yea, these are actually $20 with Prime unless you subscribe.


subscribe, order, un-subscribe before next shipment


Uh!! Did anybody bother to notice that these are NOT yet part of their Subscribe & Save program???