dealslord of the rings: the motion picture trilogy…


Randal Graves: [describing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy] Here's the first movie.
[walks a few steps, staring blankly]
Randal Graves: And here's the second movie.
[walks a few steps again, pretends to trip]
Hobbit Lover: He is way off, loser.
Randal Graves: You ready for the third movie?
[walks yet again, stops, pretends to throw the ring into the volcano. Shrugs his shoulders and turns around]


I can't imagine wanting 15 discs of anything.


Watched The Fellowship the other weekend for the first time in a while... Gotta say, the title screens and intro already look dated ... Time flies


Got it for $10 cheaper a month ago with in store pickup and worth every penny. The sound quality in the set is unbelievable compared to 98% of the other bluray movies I have watched.


Best Buy does not simply SHIP into Mordor.


@disturbed0ne: They have a distribution center on Mount Doom. It would make sense to ship to Mordor