dealsactivision pre-order call of duty: black ops for…


Looks like the best deal around currently. I checked with Dell about the different shipping because all levels were free but the quickest one shown was next day. I did Dell chat and they said "it will ship on release date but it's up to you to decide on which shipping option you want". So looks like you can hope for actual release date but more than likely it'll be next day.


I went ahead and ordered it for the price. I can wait a couple of days after the release date. Plus free shipping so I'm definitely saving.


Word of warning. They charge your card immediately instead of waiting for the item to ship. Other then that great deal. I have mine on order.


Wow! Even free next day shipping! Awesome find. Thanks. I pre-ordered from Amazon for $55, but this comes to $54.11 after tax with 3 free months!


canceled my amazon order, couple bucks less and free 3 months of live for a few days later is legit.


i was in the middle of ordering this and the price went back up to 60 bucks.

and it added tax on it.

should i cancel it? can i even?


Sweet, just picked up a copy.


Showing $59.99 with Free S&H now.


pre-noon price was 49.99,, back up to 60 now, still got the free shipping & live for 3months which makes it a good deal still


Still worth it in my opinion, $60 + 3 month XBL free + free next day shipping. I'm working on tuesday anyway, and will save on gas going to Best Buy.


@donkeykongjr: ya but amazon has 20 dollar credit


@a75952: unless they changed it again recently amazon acctually got rid of the $20 promotion. Thats why I changed who I was ordering through.