dealshp touchpad 32gb with slipcase (new) for $249.99…


Does anyone own or have info on this tablet?

It's in my price range... but that's usually not a good thing. :P


Third tablet in two days? Someone needs to come up with something creative to do with piles of tablets.


For more details, Woot sold this same deal 5 days ago & here's the Apr 15, 2012 forum link for it below . . .


to buy or not to buy??? do i need a third one?


you can get an iPad 32gb gen 1 for the same price!


Got mine on firesale for 130. Put ice cream sandwich on it. sips


I got the 16gb referb version when woot sold them awhile ago, and have installed CM9 on mine, running the Alpha 2, and its great. The alpha is suprisingly stable, and I haven't booted in to web OS in ages. Web OS is sort of a ghost town right now, which is sad because the stock email app on Web OS is by all time favorite email app.

Anyway, if you can live without the camera, or the loneliness that is Web OS this is a great tablet for the price.


For info on the tablet:

For The Wall Street Journal's very humorous take on HP's attempted suicide:

New York Times on hiring a CEO without an interview:

A Forbes followup to the above:

Short version: This is one damned nice tablet with a couple minor flaws that really could have had a big impact on the market, had it actually been on the market for more than 47 days (and not been priced head to head with the iPad - that was supremely stupid).


@pianomn963: I've got one. It occasionally locks up, but, it resets easy enough. The market place is limited. Wish there was more support for WebOs. It functions wells, multiple cards open is nice.

When a fully functional android port is available, i'll probably switch it over. All and all, I like it. Just wish it wasn't a dead end operating system.


I bought the 32gb on the firesale day. I love it. I got a 16gb on woot that I keep in my bedroom. I put preware on that and I hope to fool around with android on it and some form of linux. If you are not in need of 400,000 apps, this is a good machine. 80% of my internet work is reading and a tablet of this size is optimal and the TouchPad does the job well. It does not have tabs on the browser as does my Android Acer A100, but I'm ok with that. If you can't get an extended warranty, see if you can get a policy rider with your home insurance. It is not a tablet for production that requires typing. I use a laptop or netbook for that. But when I want to read some news away from a desk and wires, it's optimal. It will also serve as a kindle and ebook reader when a light shining in your eyes (the screen) is not a big deal. I haven't used it with magazines yet (Zinio app) because the companies are charging too much.


Mine arrived yesterday from last week's Woot sale.
WebOS was disappointing for all the apps I like that aren't available, but after loading cyanomod Android Ice Cream Sandwich, I'm really liking it! ICS doesn't yet support the camera, but I don't really care that much.
The smooth back sticks to your hand pretty well. I see the Bluetooth config includes keyboards (at last!) It plays flash, and full content on websites other tables balked at.
I have no doubt tablets will bet better and cheaper -- that's not a race anyone is going to win even with this tab for $250, but it's nice.


Does anyone know if I can buy this and sell it for a profit?


ok, I've had one since the fire sale (32gb)

I love this tablet

most of the time its a reading (kindle, zite (which is not available for android), and a couple rss readers) and music (grooveshark and the Pandora homebrew app) tied to a bluetooth speaker outside while grilling or enjoying a spring day

it is heavier then an ipad3, slower then the latest android, but it is stable and unlike android 3 months from now your not going to be stuck in a feature gap (google music requires 2.3)

as you see there is a full bore hacker community if you want Ot go that route, or a device I can let someone on with.

strongly suggest a folio case and touchstone


Running CM7 on it myself. Beautiful. Even bought it for $139 way back when.
The only part of CM7 not working quite right is the audio on things like Skype and Groove IP. But I have mine set up to boot with a menu to go into the original WebOS and can use Skype there.


This is a great piece of hardware. Nothing out there can touch the price for what you get. If you are a basic user then WebOS will probably meet most of your needs, (Facebook, Kindle, Internet, etc.) If not the CynogenMod 9 with Ice Cream Sandwich is surprisingly stable and opens the wonderful world of Android to you.


I first used my 16GB with WebOS, which was fun, but WebOS just doesn't have the app environment needed to make a tablet useful.

I then installed CM7, which was cool because it unlocked the huge world of Android apps. However, CM7 just wasn't meant to be used on a tablet, even with the cool tweaks they added.

Finally, I installed CM9 (Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc) and this is seriously a whole new tablet. Rooting the device and installing CM9 gives you access to overclocking the CPU, which went up to almost 1.8GHz for me. Chrome browser for Android is THE BEST browser on any mobile device, including Safari on iPad (yes, I have an iPad as well).

As far as this deal goes, $250 is not amazing. The $99 I paid for my 16GB...THAT is amazing (wish I could have gotten a 32GB now, oh well). Still, for $250, if you're going to put ICS on it, this is still probably the best deal around for a tablet at the moment.


I also have CM9 Alpha 2 running on my Touchpad.
Very smooth, with very few issues.

I've had it for about 2 months now (previous Woot) and it's only locked up on me twice with CM9. IMO, don't bother with CM7. I had CM7 on it for about 2 weeks before making the switch, and there's no comparison. (CM7 works brilliantly on phones though)


Got the 16Gb during the firesale and it is the best $99 investment I ever made. Installed only 3 games - Angry Birds (of course), NOVA 2 and Asphalt Adrenaline and it kicks the butt of my $399 Acer Iconia A500. Stock email app is also one of the best among the tablets and if not for the limited apps available, this would be selling like hotcakes.

This thing is also solid as a rock. It's my 16 month-old daughter's favorite toy now with her lullaby apps and YouTube and it has been dropped on our laminate floor countless times now. Just put a protective film on the screen as it is made of plastic and easily scratches.

Over-all, it's really not a bad tablet especially now that you can run it on Android.


Does anyone know the specifics on its location settings?

I want NHL Gamecenter, but I can't view games unless I can verify my location for blackout restrictions.


@kevo23j: It does have location services built in, which you can opt to use or not use for specific applications.


Mmmm I'd be all over this if it only had GSM


I got mine from woot - bought it on Sunday of this week.

So far, I'm loving it. I installed ICS (more info in woot's forum page about the original sale). I'd suggest it.


How are all these new Touchpads still floating around? I thought HP authorized one last production run months ago to use up all the parts they'd ordered and then sold out their inventory.


I've said it before, I'll say it again: This is the best tablet hardware available on the market with this feature set at this price point right now.


I would say if your intent is to put ICS on it, then just get an ICS tablet. I have got one in the first firesale and happy with it for $150, but for $250, I think I would probably just get a xoom and enjoy the google experience device aspect.


available on E Bay for less


I'm waiting for the Google/Nexus tablet this summer ;)


There are just too many decisions to make when buying a tablet - so many options, so little time! Compare compare compare. UGH! Actually, I have heard this is a great tablet but I'm stuck on the fact that I could have had one for $99.00 and now they are asking $250 for it - that just bursts my bubble... IDK if the specs are the same... so not sure what I'm going to do. I have a friend who could root it.

I want to be able to watch netflix, read email, watch movies, browse the web, e-read, play AB, lol, much of what the kindle and nook tablets can do, but ... more, 'cause I'm a geek kinda' woman and more is better.

HATE making decisions ....


--- appears that you can get this at Amazon for $300. So is it worth it to me to pay $50.00 for "insurance" and no case -- the insurance being that I can return it to Amazon within 30 days if I am not satisfied?

Another flipping decision....


I just installed ICS on my touchpad last night after reading a couple of those links. I have to say I'm really liking my Android Touchpad. (Typing this message on it now) There are some things that I miss about WebOS, but integration with Google and my android apps makes this tablet 100x more useful.