deals50% off any one regular priced item at michaels…


Michaels (and Aaron Brothers, which they own) put out 50% coupons with great regularity. Never buy anything for less than 50% off. If there's no coupon now, wait a week.


i'm no fan of stores w/o ANY sales (hello, JC Penney) but I'm also not a fan of stores that put out % off coupons that you have to use to get a "good" price (Michaels, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc) . Also not a fan of the sweeping 40% off sales (a la Kohls) either. Oh and let's not forget the "one day sale, lowest prices of the year/week/day/hour/nanosecond (Macy's, I'm talking to you here).

There has GOT to be a happy middle ground in retail pricing somewhere...


This is a store I literally shouldn't allow myself in, because I'm bound to walk out spending more and getting way more than I planned. But, I tend to do it anyway!


Great if you need an easel (sometimes they are excluded on coupons, not this time) or canvas or drawing pads. Prismacolor sets are otherwise too expensive. Soft Pastel sets are coupon material.


@pjlaw1: No such thing as a 60% off any one regular priced item. 60% off Custom framing yes, but not AORI.