dealsdeath before decaf t-shirt for $6.00 + free…


I wish restaurants offered more decaf options for drinks, besides water (coffee, iced tea, soda).
Caffeine is easy to quit gradually, but this would make it even easier.


@randymilleriii: I agree. I love my caffeine, but I have cut back from time to time (when I was pregnant, for example) and there weren't a lot of other options. Down south we're big iced tea drinkers, and it is available in decaf in the stores, but rarely at restaurants.

Dang! Now I'm thirsty!


Is the shirt caffeine impregnated so you can absorb the caffeine through Your skin when perspiring and getting a fast energy boost in the process.


Is it just me or am I drinking to much caffeine .


@mybestuser1: Now THAT would be a deal at ANY price!

And, yes, you're drinking too much caffeine.


Tea and soda drinks have MUCH less caffeine than coffee. A 12 ounce tall Starbucks coffee has 260 mg of caffeine. A 20 ounce glass of Lipton iced tea has 50 mg of caffeine. Most 12 ounce sodas are also in the 45 - 55 mg range.