deals50ft garden hose for $19.99


These are great. Well worth it and lifetime warranty. I bought 2 last time around and I'm very happy.


Is that a picture of a flashlight?


@bigelowb: Do you have a hose reel?
Does anyone have a hose reel and use this?
How well do they hold up in there?

Like this



@caffeine_dude: I have one. It actually works quite nicely.


just got mine for 11 bucks using my rewards points!


I have had 3 hose reels in my life. Easy to roll up hose, but HEAVY to move around. All 3 have leaked copious amounts of water at the junction of the short feeder hose and the plastic reel's frame despite hose gaskets. Likewise they all leak at next junction of reel with the rubber hose. Lesson here is place reel some place you collect that water, or at least near a thirsty tree. You waste less water if you do not use a plastic reel, but then you have to wind or loop muddy hose by hand ÷(.... Or better yet just leave lie for next time :) if no one will trip on it (lawsuit land).



Why the RIP? I was going to post this deal and found this recent post searching.
Still $19.99, and a great price, for a great hose. 50 footer shouldn't be too hard to handle, but the 75' and 100' are a PITA to drag around, and don't think it's easier to roll up. Still, this hose is still one of the best available.