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man, I was so excited to see a deeply discounted controller available, but it's gotten very poor reviews [at least for the 360 version]. lots of complaints about it breaking quickly, some within a few weeks to a few months.

thanks for the deal OP, but I'll just have to keep scrounging...


would the Xbox 360 version work with a PC or do I need to shell out the extra money for the controller "for windows" ?


@mhodgson1982: You should just be able to plug it in and get it recognized, you might need to grab the drivers but it works fine.


Madcats Controller NOT Xbox 360 controller*****


LOVE this review:
I bought this controller because my puppy ate my black OEM sony controller and it looks cool. I figured buying such a controller would definitely up my game. Truth be told, I still got shot and died. Head shot to be exact, then tea bagged by some FPS fanboy. This controller does not prevent death or give precision aim, just more agony of defeat. I do think its a cool design though. I mean SKULLz! OMG!