dealssandisk sansa clip zip 8gb media player (black…


I like the Clip + a little better than this but this is a very good deal,if you don't have one or need a backup grab one.


These are fantastic, when they work. higher than average failure rate. mine went out after a few months of use. turned red hot and fried itself.


@morriea : It says : "compatible with the DRM-free iTunes AAC music format."
But it doesn't list iTunes as something it can use. confused.
I have a mac am looking for a music device to load up w/ tunes my 90 yo mother would like.
Good idea ? Or too complicated for someone not tech savvy to set up w/ a mac ?


@morriea: Fantastic. Thank you !
And another question from a completely tech illiterate soul ( hence, the mac )

Songs downloaded from cd disc to iTunes should be all good ?

Thank you .


@ceagee: Yes. In fact you can just take them directly from you computer to the music player (or microSD card).


@morriea: Thanks ! This is definitely worth a try.

ED : Nooooooooo !! Put in cart. All is fine. Start to check out and Sold out !!!!
He who hesitates is lost.

Well now I know and maybe can find another Sansa deal another day soon.


I own about 6 of these including having a large 'How to Speak Spanish' course on one. I use a 4G one daily exclusively for podcasts I download and it has lasted for over 3 years. I keep a cheap colorful silicon case on it.
Anyhow, I should be a spokesman for Sandisk. Clips are the best.