dealsmp3 album downloads - each for $0.99


Gosh, I'm sure glad they have free shipping for MP3 Downloads! ;-)


Bought the Big Mozart Box shown in the picture a couple of days ago. I think I got 137 tracks for $0.99.


Looks like this "album" sale is really a list of general MP3s they have for 99 cents; i.e., a few albums and a quarter of a million single tracks. (The single tracks may only be ones that are normally higher, so they'd technically be on sale.) It's insane to expect anyone to search through nearly 300k listings to find what they'd actually want to buy. Hey Amazon, when you have an "album" sale that's limited to only albums, call me.


I have to agree with jeffq. the search should also include artists by alphabetical list, that way you can quickly check to see if the artist you want buy is on sale. I quit looking after about 3 minutes of searching and getting no where........................bleh.


Agree, poorly organized. However, cheap classical music is great for drowning out the kids yelling while doing school work.