dealscanon ef-s 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 is ii telephoto…


Thank you I have been wanting this lense and you found it at a very reasonable price. Saved me a lot of money. I just bought the 75-300 and now thanks to you I found this one cheaper than I ever expected!!!

Here comes my amateur photography!!


@timshudson: great! Post samples when you get a chance. I take lousy pictures, but I keep trying!


The "$300 on Amazon" claim isn't strictly accurate. Yes, there are some for sale at that price, but there are also some for sale at $174.99. This deal is better than even that price; just pointing out the savings aren't as great as the post makes it sound.


@joemarfice: I certainly didn't intend to be misleading with my comparison, and I did see the item you linked to, but as I read it that is the IS and the deal I posted is for the IS II.


I have this exact lens. Picked it up on Amazon for about $125 late last year (technically it was sold used, but when I got it it came sealed in the manufacturers box with all paperwork you would expect with a new lens). That being said the price I paid was/is unusually low.

Overall I say this is a great all around lens. It's not what you want if your looking to take macro shots of bugs and plants and its not what you need to take pictures at your kids football games from the stands. It is great for almost everything in between.

When I grab my camera and I'm not 100% sure what kind of picture I'm going to be taking and I don't want to deal with multiple lenses this is the one I grab.

*Edit to add: I meant to also say if I didn't already have this lens I would jump on it in a heart beat at this price.