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I still have the black wallet I purchased from them over a year ago. works great, and the elastic band is still plenty secure.


Purchased a couple of things from C-Red.

The smaller wallet just wouldnt do for me... just too much to carry so got a larger one and really perfect. Well made.

Got a Men's Wrist Cuff and it didnt hold up so well. The closure fell apart. I emailed them and they took care of things really fast.

Excellent customer care!


Got a wallet from them about six months ago and the elastic band had ripped of after about a month of use. Wallet still works fine, but just a heads up.


bought several belts & wallets from them.
All have held up well. great quality and service.


...So why all the thumbs down?


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Why does this haver so many thumbs down? If this place has excellent customer service, good prices, and product that is worth what you pay, then... Blah. I dunno what's going on.


@v3n0m91: I agree. The wallets would be way better without the elastic band. I wish I had just cut mine off from the start instead of waiting for it to tear off. That way it wouldn't have taken about a cm² of leather with it. =(