deals10 madagascar vanilla beans with every order…


I can also recommend this company. I ordered the vanilla beans, and other small quantities of spices, and was impressed with both the quality and tastefulness of the spices. Each came vacuum sealed in plastic pouches, and the prices were very good. As there were more than we could use, we split them up and sent some to my parents etc. Great company.


@anotherhiggins: Me too, on purchasing from this company. I was happy to see multiple choices for curry, and the maharajah curry was very nice. I have yet to try the tuscan blend that I bought, but have been happy with everything from there that I have tried.

Mmmmmmm... Now I'm going to have to make curried lamb and saffron rice for dinner.


If you buy real vanilla, either Madagascar or Mexican, you'll never go back to "Real Imitation Vanilla." I constantly get compliments and queries as to what my 'special' ingredient is. No one believes that the vanilla could make such a difference.


@wootiewooterson: Saffron is one of those miraculous things that makes you wonder what person thought of harvesting such a thing.

It's like chokecherries, which are sour, and will make you pucker worse than a mouthful of alum when fresh, but make completely delicious jams, jellies, and pies, when cooked. Who ever thought of picking those, and using them to cook with?

Life is full of such an infinite variety of interesting things.


@debbiedunlap: There's nothing like using real ingredients to make you wonder why anyone would ever use artificial ones. Real vanilla, real butter, real chocolate... None of that nasty vanillin (aka vanillin acetate), or margarine, or carob beans...

When I was a little girl, margarine was white, and came in a tub with a big orange spot in the center, which you squeezed, and mashed it around, until the white stuff was all a nice uniform yellow. I found it fascinating, and spent some time in the grocery store being "helpful" to others, by fixing the margarine containers so that they'd all be yellow.

BTW, the major difference between shortening and margarine is the color.


@shrdlu: I grew up on margarine, too. Probably because my mom had a small grocery budget to feed a family of six. I switched my own family to butter several years ago after watching something on television about margarine. Really grossed me out. Now, I can't imagine why in the world I ever used margarine. I could NEVER go back to the dark side! Butter is so ... buttery! And DELICIOUS!! And mixed with real vanilla, makes great cookies!!