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great alternative to the set on Woot today!


Look closely at the pictures of the product on Amazon. Two of the cups are cracked (as in damaged). If the product shot is damaged, I cannot imagine how likely it is that the ones ordered will not be. But maybe that's too much assuming on my part. If you skip to the (")1 star reviews I think these reports are likely the case. I've had other less expensive cups and have not been impressed. If you want a high quality double wall cup I recommend Tervis Tumbler.


hand wash only? no way they would come into my house


@rbarger: good eye, they look like they were dropped and shattered! (The blue and red ones)

I have a number of the Tervis tumblers and they are awesome...probably the best you can buy.


@rbarger: great catch. I can't believe they would have a photo of broken ones. Maybe the photographer decided to warn against buying them to those who would look at his picture.


@rbarger: Tervis Tumblers don't seem to like hot drinks, being refrigerated, or dishwashers much either though. I still like them, but every one we have now has little cracks around the seal on the lip.


@rbarger: I noticed that too and came to post the same thing !


I saw these yesterday through an amazon email. I didn't notice the crack, but when I read "Hand wash only" I decided to pass. Glad that I did too, now that I've seen the poor quality of these cups.