dealslego star wars imperial shuttle for $209.99


Shuttle Tydirium, what is your cargo and destination?


Soon to be retired by LEGO. Get it while you can!


@toycardriver: and store an extra in the closet unopened... The rule of two


@kbsig106: Wait, the shirt.woot threads always say to buy 3!


Question: We have the lego millenium falcon, and while impressive looking, really isn't suitable for playing with by the recipient (8 year old boy). It's kind of flimsy and I think it was really meant as a collectible item, to sit on a shelf and get dusty. Anyone have experience with this set being delicate like that, or is this one sturdier? Thanks!

edit: I see it says 16+, but we usually build them together anyway. Really a question of sturdiness once constructed.


@simondet1: the 16+ ones are meant to be looked at, not played with.
For the most part, if it has a stand, it's for display.

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@simondet1: I have this one, and the build quality is amazingly durable and sturdy. Having said that, it's gigantic and heavy. So, yes, technically a kid could play with it and it would stand up to play; but, it's just too damn big and heavy for a kid to actually enjoy playing it...not that my kids would know, since they know we have "museum rules" in our house when it comes to my Legos.