deals$49 for two nights hotel stay & dinner - 40…


waste... not worth it!!!!!!!


i clicked the link for vgdestinations.. not sure who they are but wouldn't trust them for my vacation.


I bought this deal on another site ( and had no problem making the reservation. Haven't taken the trip yet... set for August. Apparently, this company advertises through many different on-line avenues. I didn't realize until after the purchase, a 90-minute time share tour is required, but that's not a big deal for us. I've heard it all before and wouldn't buy a time share unless my life depended on it.
I was notified by NCrowd some people are having problems getting a reservation and $ paid would be refunded.
Hopefully there won't be a problem when it comes time for our trip to Daytona Beach, FL. If you do purchase this, just remember to send in the necessary paperwork after the trip to get your deposit refunded.
I also suggest you read the terms and conditions fully before purchasing.


@iluvmyritz: Thanks for adding the info about the time-sharing spiel.


4. All reservations are based on promotional availability and are subject to change. Availability is limited during peak season, holidays and weekends. Surcharges may apply during these times and in some locations. We also reserve the right to substitute different destinations at any time. In some cases you are required to give Reservations more than one date in case your 1st requested date is not available.

you may THINK you're going to florida.