dealshush puppies shoes for men 50% off until sunday…


never heard of this site, anyone have any experiences with it?


According to the site the site is owned and run by Amazon.


Looking at the prices, they are UP TO 50% off.


@rsnyc: Yes, it is an company. In fact, it's just one of its divisions, not even an acquisition like Woot was.


I just got their free App. I can't recommend it.
All their ads here are misleading so far as pricing is concerned.
Great looking stuff tho.
same pricing as Zappos but without the service and free shipping


@beladog: That's quite inaccurate.

1) MYHABIT always has free shipping.
2) I just checked Zappos' pricing (Zappos is Amazon's high-end acquisition for shoes, they don't do discounts), and their HP Oxfords are at least $90, their boots over $100. All of the ones I linked to are below $50. How is that misleading?