dealssave $5 on a $10 lunch at outback


It says its only good for Outbacks in Florida! Just fyi!


The catch is, you would have to spend money at Outback.


@kathillmom: Outback is based in Florida. The coupon doesn't say it's only good in Florida.

Distribution of this coupon belongs exclusively to authorized representatives of Outback Steakhouse of Florida,


My California Outback emailed me this deal. Works here! ^_^


Outback isn't open for lunch here.


Coupon distinctly says, "valid for dine-in and curbside take-away at participating Outback steakhouse locations in the U.S."


My wife and I had a handful of gift cards or something for Outback... we tried to eat there for a week, but... even free... the food was just always underwhelming. It's on our list of "What the hell happened to that place... we don't ever need to go back there." We didn't even end up using all of our gift cards. Pssh.


I always leave Outback hungry and my wallet empty


@stevenlee212: I can understand your wallet being empty, but there's NO WAY you should ever leave Outback hungry. They have tons of food and large portion sizes.


@overkilltasf: I'd be more than happy to take those gift cards from you at a reduced rate should you still have them.


Geez - for $9.99 I get a 6 oz. sirloin, a nice dinner salad and one other side, I usually get a baked sweet potato, but the vegetables aren't bad either. How can you leave there hungry and broke? It's not gourmet food, but for a cheap dinner out, it's not bad. The wood fire grill way of cooking the steaks is much better. A Big Mac combo is how much now? $7? It's not great either but every time I drive by there the cars are wrapped around the building buying it.


@startanew2 - A 6 oz sirloin just doesn't do it for me. Maybe for a kid. I'm not a fast food fan either. I'm just comparing Outback to other local steak houses and I would much rather go to them. Just my opinon


@stevenlee212: The last Alice Springs chicken I ate was about 4oz and the price was up to $15-16. I remember when it was $10 or $11 and larger. Beer has always been fairly expensive there. Let us hate, they raised their prices and reduced the amount of food you get. Anyway, I remember feeling ripped off the last time I was there. Keep your bloomin onion breath away from me!