dealssave 25% off one item


As an HFT employee for 3 years, I would not recommend their products.


No way Harbor freight makes the best one time use tools ive ever used. If theres some obscure tool i need for one project i know i can get it at harbor freight for pennies on the dollar and since im really only planning on needed it once i know ill get at least that much use outa it. Better then spending 4 times as much for name brand.


@alfredenigma: I agree. I bought a lot of disposable tools from harbor freight with the intention of using them a couple times. Some of them are still working too.

It's a good place to buy things like sand paper, aluminum cases, and furniture mover dollies.

I will never recommend buying from them online. Go to the store instead. When you buy online, you pay shipping and tax and at the store you only pay tax. You can also find local coupons that will give you a free product with a purchase if bought in a store. Those can be flashlights, scissors, gloves, multimeter, or a tape measure.

If you have to order online because you don't have a local store, expect the shipping to take forever. They send your stuff through a trucking service to a post office near you. Then it finally enters the postal system. The time to get through this process can take several weeks. If they sent it directly through USPS, UPS, or Fedex, you would get it in days but don't count on that happening.


And for those of you familiar with their advertisements and products, you will find this mock advertisement hilarious:

You may need to copy and paste this link because woot adds their own junk to the URL and it doesn't respond well.


@cengland0 -- hahah that's hilarious. Though, I agree with @alfredenigma that some tools/parts that don't require precision, disposable, or are inherently "safe" (eg. sandpaper, screwdrivers, and storage equipment vs. calipers, bandsaws, pneumatic jacks) and are probably worth getting there over other stores/brands.


It just depends on what you need and what you need it for. I bought A high end air compressor and nail gun and the nail gun died just a few weeks out of warranty. I was in need and picked up a $24 (vs $140) knock off from HFT and so far it has lasted as long as the name brand and has seen at least as much action.


I I have bought stuff in store and online from them.

I recommend checking reviews on their website before purchasing anything. It gives you an idea of what to avoid.

As far as shipping, it is $7 unless you buy something really big. It took less than a week once it was shipped to make it across the country (ca to md). Any problems and you return items in store.

I have been extremely happy with 90% of the stuff I bought.


@stevether: As a Harbor Freight customer for 5 years, I would recommend their products. Most other tool companies are moving production to China anyway, Harbor Freight at least charges what they're worth, and guarantees them for life.


@cengland0: I personally like the laser guided paintbrush.


@mtm2: I like this multi-tool. All the things it has are completely unrelated to each other. Ha.

Also notice the price. The regular price is lower than the current sale price. :)


Make sure you read the fine print on that "coupon." It excludes an awful lot of their merchandise.


Where to get cheap tools cheap! Actually, some of them aren't bad. Many of the ratchets that I've picked up seem quite durable. There are a lot of tools where the fit and finish really shows that they're cheaply made but if you're a casual DIYer, can fudge some accuracy in the work and don't care about longevity of an item go for it. Do look at the coupon pages as often those coupons work out better than a sale price with extra percent off. Best info I've found on HF coupons:

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What everyone else has said, but I disagree on their sandpaper. You get ~4x more life from sandpaper from Summit Racing. Now that I've tried both, I'm not going back to HFT for that.

The blocks on the other hand -- why does everyone else want $10+ for a friggin block?!