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The only reason this has no comments is because any discussion on the product instantly lets us know you're bald.

And don't start saying your dad or uncle could use this, baldy.


Too late for me. Thanks dad! >(


Don't thank your dad, thank your mom!
Hereditary pattern baldness is passed through the mother.
You don't get bald in the pattern of your father but instead in the pattern of your mother's brothers.


Actually, there was a new article maybe two or three months ago were scientist did a new study on male pattern baldness and they discovered that it comes from both sides of the family. So... Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! I guess I can't say they never gave me anything >:(


It's your maternal grandfather's balding pattern that you inherit. Not from your uncles. It skips a generation.


does this work on back hair?


@highwyre237: Should help grow back hair too. While you are at it, try some on your ears, nose, and eyebrows too.

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Does anyone "know of anyone" that has experience with this product? I am thinning and wonder if it is worth a try. But, I hate throwing money away.


My dad has been using the foam for a bit now, and he recently had a haircut. Our local regular dresser said "Wow, I am amazed that your hair has grown in so thick and full in these past weeks!" So, yes, it does work for him!


Too bad they did not come out with this product a few years ago.... I could have saved my hair... now its too late...

Thanks MOM!!!


So I'm rocking the horeshoe. In the sparse area, I still have hair, but it's extremely thin. Is this indicated for use on that hair loss pattern?

Also, how's this price compare to generic 5% monoxidil foam?


@fgarriel: Not sure about use on your hair pattern (you may want to check out their website or some online message boards), but I believe Rogaine has a patent on the foam specifically. EDIT: Confirmed. "Men's ROGAINE® Foam is the only FDA-approved hair regrowth foam. Because it's a foam, not a solution, it is applied differently. The foam is gently massaged into the scalp in contrast to ROGAINE® Extra Strength Topical Solution—where an applicator (dropper) is used to apply the solution onto the hair loss area." The foam sounds better to me.


wow, reading the comments here about "mother's grandfather's pattern" and "skips a generation" makes me really depressed about the state of science (specifically genetics) education today.


I'll finally be able to whip my hair back and forth, maybe one day I can whip it real good ...


I would be cheaper per month to subscribe and save with amazon since shipping is 5.95

I'm not bald i'm just concerned


Just look for something with 5% Minoxidil. You can get a 6 month supply of the liquid type for less than $30.


When I thought I was losing my hair due to genetics, I tried a liquid minoxidil solution. Didn't stick to it long since the liquid and drop applicator was a pain to apply. The foam seems like a MUCH better option.

Thankfully, my hair loss was a side effect of the pill and it's all better now. :-D


Hair today, gone tomorrow. I'll just live with what I have - or don't have and be happy. I thought about using this stuff before but you have to constantly use it and you could lose anything you may gain if you stop.

Sounds like a good deal anyway.


I used this stuff more than 20 years ago when I was in college. It was $50 for a one month supply and another $50 for the monthly Dr. visit. After 3 months and $300 it seemed like a few hairs were coming back.

The price was a deal breaker and now I'm bald as a cue ball. Gotta wonder how much hair I would have if I kept using the stuff.

BTW, it made my hair greasy. At the time thinning hair seemed like a better deal than being a broke guy with greasy hair.