dealscoolaroo elevated pet bed large sized for $34.95…


Also, big dog bed $26
Majestic Pet Large Pet Bed

This didn't fit in the first post but big dog beds are hard to find for a good price. I put a big square dog bed on top of Simba's coolaroos to pad the frames as he hangs off the edge.


Yes, danes hang over, but my Merlin likes his head hanging off for some silly reason.

I have 4 of these for my garage. My dogs love them. Amazon has replacements, too. Check both when looking for them. They are around $11-13 for the large in green.


@pyxientx: Simba likes to hang his head off as well. Right now he is wearing an enormous cone, the largest size they had which I extended by about 5" with packing tape as he was still licking at the incision on his back leg. So he lays on his bed hanging this huge cone off of it. I need to get a photo.


@pyxientx & @cf: Here you go. I took these at lunch, at night he sleeps with his head draped off the side of the cooleroo, or off the side of the love seat while I watch TV. My little tulip. He gets his staples out this Friday if all is well. I am happy to report that the biopsy came back and he is cancer free!


That is so cute. I'm sure he doesn't think so but.... I especially like the second picture.

I am glad to hear he is doing well and I hope he gets de-coned soon.

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