deals10-pack outdoor led solar lights with built-in…


Plus another $4.99 shipping.


@umpopa: That works out to $2 each, which still sounds like a good deal. However, that depends upon the battery life and build quality. These lights may range anywhere from this price up to $15 each depending on the latter.


Looking at the picture and the size those appear to be exactly the same as the 99 cent Walmart lights. Definitely not worth $2 each after shipping.


@nimitzbrood: They also look to me like the ones at Target for 1.50 - 2.00 each (plus tax).

I'm happy to hear they're at Wal-Mart for 0.99. I do want a few, and a buck a piece is OK (for just a few).


you can get 20-Pack Outdoor LED Solar Lights with Built-In Stakes - Automatically Turns On at Night! and it has the same pic just bing it... and i am sure they can be found for even less