dealsstainless steel cz gemstone stud earrings for $0…


$2.99 shipping, and ships only to the US.

The website advertises this as a "freebie", which is funny, because woot doesn't allow us to display freebies on the Current Rank top deals anymore. But aparently, if there's money involved for them, of course they would post it as a sponsored deal.

We'd been asking why for a long time, without any answer. Thanks for answering our question for us through your actions.


Obviously, the $2.99 is where the profit is. Or, the site is hoping it works as a loss leader and gets you to the site where you see other things you just can't live without and spend all you hard earned money.
I saw noting of interest.
Also, I don't want to set up an account just to find out what the S/H cost is. That's a shady practice at best. It is usually used to flex buying power muscles. "You have to give us a better deal on your product because look at how many registered users we have."


@klymans: You can see the deal info without setting up an account, it's all on the deal page.

This shouldn't be construed as a statement in support of "non-shadiness" for, I've had no dealings with them.


Meh, they don't say what size the stones are, and to get the price, you have to "like" them or share the deal info.

From the site:

Flash Freebie!

We have a limited number of these gorgeous stud earrings from Duval & Company and we are giving them away for free. Hurry up first come first serve.

Made from solid stainless steel with a sparkling CZ gemstone, Hypo-allergenic for those of us with sensitive ears.

Step 1: Click the "Recommend" or "Tweet" buttons to share the deal.

Step 2: Click the "Like" or "Follow" buttons to join our social media community (if you already "Liked" us then you're covered)

Step 3: Click the "Buy Now" button to check out

Step 4: Complete your account with shipping and billing profile if have not done so in the past.

Be sure to check out the rest of our insane deals we have running today.


@crispy2000: There is an assortment of 6mm and 8mm, which will be sent out at random.

Yes sharing is required as part of the deal.


@mobstub: So you're not interested in any business from those of us who don't use any social media? You expect your customers to provide free advertising for you?

You sound like just another aggregater: MobStub "provides exclusive daily offers on national chains, retailers and online boutiques that are available for use across the entire United States of America. It’s simple yet powerful: One offer for the entire nation."

That pretty much tells me all I'd want to know about your business ethics.


@magic cave: It's quiet cool that you get a bigger discount just for sharing on their deals, and the sound effect is a cute touch.

Where does business ethics come in here, the instruction are strait up on the deal page, just saying is all.

It's a FREEBIE what all the fuss about?


@mobstub , big problem I have is that, why is not your billing page https:// ? I would not enter my credit card if billing page is not secure. Any answers?



Our system is PCI compliant, your cc info is never stored on our servers and is transmitted using SSL with 128 bit encryption. A web page does not have to have https in order to be completely secure. Thanks for the feedback, it will help us better our customer experience


@dealchick890: Gosh, let's see what we have here. Ardent defense of vendor being criticized from poster who just joined today, has made no comments on any other post, has no other activity other than to defend the vendor, and apparently just happened to stop in at the right moment to do so.

I suspect sock puppet, which is another generally unwelcome tactic for a vendor here.